Production Base

GBS VARNA AD has its own production and technical base on the territory of West Industrial Zone – Varna, 53, Rayko Daskalov Str., as well as in the town of Silistra at 89, Dobrich Str. They are equipped with the necessary resources and facilities for the preparatrion and production of building materials and items for the needs of construction process. On the territories of production and technical bases, the following facilities are located:

Concrete plant

Produces all classes of concrete mixtures and mortars according to Bulgarian State Standard (BDS). The plant has the necessary transport vehicles and equipment (concrete trucks and concrete pumps) for delivery and laying of the mixtures on-site of the builder.

Reinforcement workshop

The company has a workshop for the preparation of reinforcement and welded grids with a monthly capacity of 600 tons. The products are accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity and are executed with high quality and in accordance with BDS, production drawings and the requirements of the Principal/Contracting Authority.

Metal structures workshop

Metal structures, railings, fences, doors, covers, grids and more are produced in the workshop.

Unidev Dry Mix Factory

Unidev dry mixes have been on the market for over 20 years and are proven with their high quality and wide application. In the workshop of GBS-Varna AD are produced adhesives, putties, primers and waterproofing;

Warehouse, facilities and equipment

GBS-Varna AD has its own warehouse base with available large-panel formworks for the construction of monolithic reinforced concrete structures under the NOE, DOKA and PERI systems – for walls and columns, with an area of over 1000 m2, as well as for slabs and beams with an area of over 9000 m2. The company has its own tubular scaffolding, on-site office and storage facilities, containers for warehouses, vans for staff-rooms, and more.