About Us:

“GBS VARNA” AD is an individual legal entity with the system of “Glavbolgarstroy Holding”.
“GBS VARNA” AD is specialized in the construction of public, residential and production buildings on the territory of North-East Bulgaria and the Black Sea Coast as well as on the whole territory of Republic of Bulgaria:

  • Vacation villages and hotel complexes;
  • Commercial sites;
  • Residential buildings;
  • Sport complexes, facilities and attractions;
  • Administrative buildings and business-centers;
  • Sites of the food industry;
  • Compressor stations;
  • Waste water treatment plants;
  • Recovery and maintenance of cultural monuments;
  • Agricultural buildings and complexes;
  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing sites, etc.

The Management of “GBS-Varna” AD establishes and guarantees conditions for the preparation, documentation, implementing, maintenance and development of and Integrated Management System /IMS/.
The company fulfils the requirements of the following International Standards :

„GBS – Varna“ AD is listed in the Central Professional Register of the Construction Chamber of Bulgaria

„GBS – Varna“ AD has all necessary resources for complete engineering: design, construction, assembly, start-up works, commissioning and guarantee service of the sites according to the Regulations and the requirements of the Investor.
The Company has good specialists in all construction specialties and qualified management personnel as well.
The good organization, the long-years experience, the high requirements and control, the implementation of Quality Control System are the grounds for achieving high quality and short terms for finishing and commissioning of the sites which makes “GBS-VARNA” AD reliable and correct business-partner.